You can select a specific row of a table control via WX code as follows:


The only problem is that if you have any code in the “Row Selection” process for the table control (for instance to enable/disable buttons based on values from the table), it does not get executed. The online documents do point this out in the notes section, however they don’t tell you how to get your code to execute. You might be tempted to just repeat the code from “row selection” after you do a TableSelectPlus, or (and let’s hope this is the case) you are a little better programmer and decide to refactor the code as a local procedure and call it from both places. Well there is an even easier option! The ExecuteProcess function forces an action to take place, so we change our code to:


Now the code selects row 5 of the table, then it forces a Row Selection event to be triggered forcing our code in “Row Selection” to be executed.

Now, back to your regular schedule program….

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