Chrome Search Shortcut for WX Online Help

My hat tips to Bob Roos from the Skype Chat from pointing me in the direction of this little tip!

Many of us have found that using Google to search the Online help works much better than using pcSoft’s built in search function. For instance go to and type in DynamicSiteDisplay

and press enter and you will get a list of all the references to DynamicSiteDisplay in the online help.

Thanks to Bob, I now have a wonderful, Chrome Search Shortcut configured to make this even easier! To set it up simply open chrome, and right click in the address bar and chose Edit Search Engines.


Scroll to the bottom of the other search engines and it will let you create a new entry.

In the first box Enter:

WX Online Help

In the second box enter:


And in the third enter:


And click OK. Now in the address bar type WX and hit the space key and it changes to Search WX Online Help:

Type in sub string and hit enter. And tada!! you are searching the online help via google.

And to prove the point as to why I prefer google’s search here is pcSoft’s result for sub string. Only two of the top 10 have anything to do with strings.

Thank you Bob!!!!! You are my Hero for the month of December!

Now, back to your regular schedule program….

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