Web Design Resources

With the recent WebDev Article I have posted, folks have asked about the resource’s I use for web development, this isn’t an exhaustive list but a good place to start.

  1. Google 
    • Do I really need to say anymore? Where do you think we found all of these resources?
  2. Color Schemer Online
    • A handy tool to help you develop or modify your color palette.
  3. Premailer
    • Pre-flight for HTML email. If you are sending HTML formatted email, and you are not using this tool, then you are working way to hard, or half the people you are sending to are looking at something that looks quite different than you expect.
  4. Rackspace
    • You got to host it somewhere, and if you have read any of my articles you know I am fanatical about their fanatical support.
  5. @mailgun
    • An RESTful API for sending and tracking emails. Now owned by Rackspace, with the same fanatical support. And if you are wondering why you would want to use a service to send emails, then please read this article by Jeff Atwood, one of my favorite developers/authors.
  6. CC Search
    • Creative Commons search engine. A great place to find images and graphics that are released using the Creative Commons license.
  7. Wordle
    • Create’s word clouds, I don’t use them often but they are a neat effect when not over done.
  8. Paint.net and Gimp
    • Graphics and photo editing. Sadly there never seems to be one program for all my graphics needs, but one of these two take care of most of it. You may be wondering why not Photoshop. Two reasons and one of them starts and ends with $! The other reason is if the editing is advanced enough that I can’t accomplish it with one of the above, then chances are my skills are not good enough to do it period which leads me to the next tip.
  9. ODesk
    1. Freelancer search and management site. I general get my graphics work done by someone on this site, and when my Linux skills start feeling a little wanting, there is always a Linux guru a few clicks away on ODesk.
  10. Subtle Patterns
    1. Those beautiful subtle background graphics for the edges of your pages.
  11. Dreamstime
    • When we can’t find a free graphic or photo this site is our next stop and usually our last.
  12. CoffeeCup
    • Every once in a while I need to do plain HTML and CSS, such as for an HTML email. Dreamscape seems like overkill, So I use The HTML Editor from CoffeeCup.
  13. MailChimp’s Free Email Templates
    • Another great choice for sending HTML emails, especially if its mainly newsletters, but even though I don’t use their service I do appreciate them sharing their HTML Email templates!
  14. Website Favicon Generator
    • Generated a Favicon for you. They have several other great tools in the icon/graphics arena so spend some time exploring their family of sites.
  15. Ben Nadel’s Privacy Policy / Terms of Service Generator
    • There are fancier and more detail ones out there a google search away (see tip #1). But if you just need a simple straight forward Terms of Service and Privacy Policy its hard to beat the simplicity of Ben’s!
  16. I really don’t need to list NextAge Consultings’s Blog or wxlive.us do I?

Now, back to your regular schedule program….

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