FileZilla FTP Server on Amazon AWS


Wolfgang was having some issues following my articles to setup his WebDev server on Amazon. We discovered that the difference is in the way Amazon does their elastic IP assignments.  I am not an Amazon expert, but my understanding is you have a public IP and a private IP. The issue is with the way passive mode of FileZilla Server works (and I suspect most FTP servers), Passive mode negotiates a direct connection between the server and the client. What happens is the “private” address is what FileZilla tries to use for the negotiation and the client can not communicate with that IP.

To resolve the issue, go into the FileZilla Server Settings, under the Passive mode setting, and change the External Server IP address setting to “Use the following IP” and enter the external (elastic) IP address. Now the negotiating with the client will use the external IP and it will be able to establish a direct connection.

Now, back to your regular schedule program….

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