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The NextAge Open Source Application is meant as a “teaching” tool to provide sample code and a testing bed for all of NextAge’s open source classes and code. Along with using our Open Source classes, there is a collection of miscellaneous code and procedures that may be useful, but are not something appropriate to be put into a class. This document is meant to give a general overview of the application and attempt to document some of the code that is not part of one of the Open Source classes. Readers of my blog should also recognize some code from previous articles, as generally I have used this application as my testbed when writing. As with all of our Open Source projects you are welcome to use what suits you and ignore what doesn’t!

Classed Included are:

  • BallonTip
    • Creates Popup Balloon tips on controls, used by the Business Rules class but can be used standalone as well. See separate documentation.
  • BrowseFormManager
    • Manages several interfaces of Browse and Form combinations, see separate documentation.
  • Business Rules
    • Business Rules Manager Class, see separate documentation.
  • Child Manager
    • A subclass of the BrowseFormManager used for child tables.
  • DefaultManager
    • Stores and retrieves default settings from either the registry or database. See separate documentation.
  • QueryByExample
    • Provides a Query By Example interface for browses, see separate documentation.
  • Security
    • Used for checking security, see separate documentation.
  • SystemLogClass
    • Used to log error and debug information in a database table. See separate documentation.

Plus plenty of other bits and pieces and sample code.

Enough of a sales job. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints (well not complaints) then please use the comments below so we can all benefit from each others additions. This article will be updated with each new release of the class.

If you have any questions about the NextAge Open Source initiative be sure to check out this post.

The Download Links

Note: The application is now in v20 format

Documentation in PDF format

Complete Project Directory and Docs in a Zip File

Code Bricks

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Pete Halsted[suffusion-the-author display=’description’]


9 thoughts on “NextAge Open Source Application

  1. Hi Pete,
    The reason that your multi tab on Customers is not working, it is because you forgot to Check the box: “Independent HyperFileSQL context” on the Description of Source Internal Window => Details tab….
    Maybe just document it somewhere in the docs as I cannot see anywhere a Property or Function that you can use to do that in the Class.
    Thanks – otherwise a very useful piece of work…


  2. Thanks Wolfgang!

    I have added a note in the documentation about that, as it is very important and apparently even I can’t remember to turn it on 🙂

    The next release will have the change to the documents and the demo application.


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