WebDev Publishing Parameter File

When multiple people work on a WebDev project, sometimes more than one person needs to be able to publish an update to the site. If you have ever published a site you know there are quite a few parameters and passwords that you have to get correct. Instead of having to share all of that information, and hope everyone gets it configured correctly, you can use the “Export the parameters of the server” feature in the deployment wizard. BTW, this is also a handy method to backup the parameters for yourself!

One you have published the site and know that all the parameters are correct, from the “Edit Deployment Screen”, press the “Export the parameters of the server”, and save the file.


Once you have the file all you have to do is provide the file to the other developers and instruct them on how to use it. Or better yet send them to this article for the instructions <G>

The first time you publish a project that you have a Parameter Import file for here are the steps you take.

Step 1 – Deploy the Site



Step 2 – make sure the “Recompile the project before generating the library” option is checked. If you do not do this sometimes changes that other developers have made don’t get published because your project has not been recompiled.


Step 3 – Complete the reset of the steps for the first have of the wizard for creating the library and setup. I won’t go into those for this article.

Step 4 – Once you reach the second half of the Wizard – Click the “Deploy the WebDev site on a remote WebDev Application Server” button


Step 5 – You will not have any deployment profiles if this is the first time to publish, so click on the “New” button.


Step 6 – Import the parameter file by clicking on the “Import the parameters of a server” button.


Step 7 – Click on the “Green Checkmark” to complete the screen, complete the rest of the deployment wizard. Then sit back and wait for everyone to be amazed by all the cool new stuff you added to the website!

There you have it, nothing earth shattering just another simple little feature the folks at pcSoft have given us to make life a little easier.

Now, back to your regular schedule program….

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