SCM Bug – Directory Does not exist in SCM Database

SCM Bug – Directory Does not exist in SCM Database

This bug has been around since v19 but isn’t 100% reproducible, which makes it difficult to report, and get resolved. It seems to mainly hit developers that work with teams, and especially if you regularly work with multiple SCM databases. It isn’t just remote SCM databases, as I often get this error even on projects that are in the SCM database that lives on my development machine. My theory is that it sometimes fails to establish the connection before it checks for the directory, but again it doesn’t happen every time, so it hard to say exactly what is happening.

It is an easy work around, but if you don’t do it in these precise sets, you can very quickly end up with a corrupted SCM, or a project that is disconnected from the SCM, which can be a nightmare with multiple developers working. Since I had a couple of clients struggle with the issue this week, I thought I was about time I publish an exact set of work around steps.

Step 1: When you open the project you will get an error that says “The directory does not exist in the SCM database”


Step 2: Click OK, and you get a question that ask you if you want to Open and disconnect from the SCM. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT!!!!


Step 3: Click “Don’t open”. This takes you to the IDE with nothing open.

Step 4: On the SCM tab of the Ribbon bar click “Manage”


Step 5: That will open the SCM Administrator for the last SCM database you attempted to connect with. Effectively establishing the connection.


Step 6: Just click on the X in the top right corner to close the SCM Administrator.

Step 7: It is very important that you do this step with out doing anything else in between, if you close the IDE, try to open a different project, daydream about Ice Cream or anything else that we developers do, you will likely end up right back at Step 1. From the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar open the project, if you have pinned the project it will be in the “Pinned Projects” list, if it is a project you have recently worked on it will be in the “Recent Projects” list, otherwise you will need to use the “Open a project” option and navigate to the project on disk. Do not use the “Open a project from SCM” option.


Step 8: If you held your lip right through all those steps, then the project should be open in the IDE and you can begin working with the best IDE in the business and thank your lucky stars that we only deal with small irritations like this with WX, and not the show stopper type issues that folks that use other IDEs deal with!
Now, back to your regular schedule program….

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