v23 Pre-Release initial testing

Just a quick note about moving apps to v23 for everyone.

I have move 2 of our WD projects to the v23 pre-release without issue, one was a small project, but the other one is a very large system, with 264 windows. 3 databases (including both HFSQL and PostgreSQL) and 7 configurations (Windows exe, windows service, etc).

The large project converted without issue and was up and running immediately, we had about 10-15 new “warnings” from existing code that v23 now identifies as stuff that might not be good and should be looked at, much of it related to thread management.

So I am very confident in the stability of the WD v23 prerelease.

Later this week or early next week, I have a few WB projects that we will be testing the move to v23 with and I will let everyone know how that goes as well.

One thought on “v23 Pre-Release initial testing

  1. Just a follow up, I upgraded one of our WAS servers and 2 of our smaller WB projects yesterday, no issues at all.

    Now I just need to start reading the new features document and start taking advantage of some of the new stuff.


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