WinDev-US Google+ Community moving to Facebook Groups

The decision has been made! Since Google+ is shutting down soon, we need a new home for the community. After exploring our options, we have settle on Facebook Groups.

The direct address for the group is

Many of you had already like the original WinDev-US Facebook page and will there for be getting an invite for the group shortly. If not then please go the the link above and request membership.

The bad news, the existing post won’t be moving over to Facebook. We are working on exporting them and providing them as a searchable resource on our website, and will let everyone know once that is available.

This community will stay up for a few more days to give everyone time to get moved over, but you should move over to the Facebook group as soon as possible as that will be what we will be monitoring and responding to from here on out.

We thank everyone for their continued support, and look forward to seeing you over on the Facebook Group shortly!

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