First larger project converted to v24

As expected, open in v24, press GO, ZERO ISSUES!!!!
3 Configurations
75 Database Tables
87 Windows
41 Internal Windows
13 Reports
1 Query – how the heck did that get there 🙂
2 window templates
2 report templates
4 control templates
152 classes – Mostly File Manager
2 sets of procedures
20,844 lines of code
5,088 of those are comments, 25% commenting definitely doing better than I did when I was a young pup 🙂
This also includes the first test of some real exciting enhancements to the File Manager Classes that Andy and I have been working on. Automatic Child File Management, including editing in memory. For example Order Header, Line Items, and the editing of the line items is 100% in memory until, you save the header. You have to add about 5-6 lines of code you your class to turn it on and it handles everything from there automagically!
WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile just keeps getting better and better!

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