Are you suddenly getting SSL errors when publishing?

Are you suddenly getting SSL errors when publishing?

We had a client that was having issues publishing this AM, he was getting an SSL error when he tried to publish, we are publishing using HTTPS instead of HTTP. While working on that I ran into an interesting read if you have any servers with SSL certificates from one of the Sectigo properties (InstantSSL, PositiveSSL, Comodo, etc). One of their intermediary / chain certificates expired on 5/30/2020, and is not being renewed. You can read the full details here.

This shouldn’t cause any issues, but we all know how that goes. If you opened the site in a browser it was showing reporting that certificate was valid. So the next thing I did was run the sites through the SSL Checker at, for some compliance requirements you must get a clean bill of health on your SSL implementation. And the SSL checker was showing the expired Intermediary certificate was in the chain file. I remove it from the chain file, and afterward the SSL Check gave a clean bill of health.

I tried to publish again, but WebDev 24 still insisted that there was an error with the SSL. There is an option on the publishing screen to ignore SSL warnings, I turned that one and we were able to publish. I am guessing that however WebDev 24 is testing SSL, it is doing it the way “old devices” do it as mentioned in the article above. I don’t know if this could effect other SSL operations in your code, should as REST calls or SFTP, but its something to be aware of if you do start getting SSL errors. If you do there is are a few ignore certificate constants that you might have to use.

I will update this article if we run into any other issues or information related to this issue.

Update June 4, 2020: I couldn’t find my link when I wrote the article, will give you a much more in depth analysis than the sslshopper site mentioned in the article. You want an A rating.

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