Updates to our NexMo (Vonage) Class

Updates to our NexMo (Vonage) Class

We have made some significant changes to our NexMo (now Vonage) SMS class. If you don’t know what NexMO is, it’s a communications API offering SMS, Voice, and other communications requirements.

Along with sending SMS’s both domestic and international and support for US short codes, our class now supports:

  • Retrieving Balance and Cost information
    • Get Cost information with each message sent and an updated account balance
    • Retrieve the Account balance at anytime
  • SMS Return Receipts
    • Receive confirmation from the end carrier when the SMS is delivered to the mobile phone.
  • Incoming SMS
    • Receive incoming SMS and replies, so you are able to process and automate communications

If you are one of our existing mentoring clients using our NexMo class contact us and we can get you the new code and assist with integration if needed.

wxPerts offers this class, as well as a number of other 3rd party API classes, to our consulting and mentoring clients. If you are interested in integrating this class or any of our other 3rd party API classes contact sales@wxperts.com.

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