Why can’t I enter my SCM Password in v26?

Why can’t I enter my SCM Password in v26?

Have you found yourself asking this question lately? If all your connections where already setup and you have created any new SCM connection perhaps not. But if you try to create a new connection to an existing SCM you are going to run into some “weirdness”

Notice anything missing from this connection screen?

Where the heck is the password? I have to credit my partner Andy for solving this one, apparently is mind is just warped enough to solve this puzzle.

Step 1: Grab the resize anchor in the bottom right corner and drag the screen down so it is a taller. It takes quite a bit, apparently anchoring is messed up on the control, but eventually Password will magically appear!!!

But your life of toil and turmoil isn’t quite offer just yet. The next issue you will find is try though you might you can’t get the mouse to click in the field.

Step 2: Put your cursor in the Port field and press tab, now you are in the password field and can change it.

FYI if you want to change the Store Password checkbox, then put your cursor in the User name field and press tab, now you are on the store password and can use the spacebar to trigger it on and off.

This has been a PSA from your friends at wxPerts hopefully saving you just a little of the hair I pulled out over this one.

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