Quick Tip – Additional IDE Search Filters

Quick Tip – Additional IDE Search Filters

It has been a while since we have had a little tip from your Uncle Pete. It never ceases to amaze me that as long as I have been using the WX IDE there are still features to be discovered that I wasn’t aware of.

While working with a client today via a remote session, he showed me that the search facility has some additional filtering I was not aware of.

I use the In: (where to search) option all the time

And the For: (more where to search) option

As well as the With: (how to match) option

But you see that little green + to the right. I have seen that for 14 years now and it never occurred to me to click it. Guess what it lets you give it yet more filtering for what to search. For example, being able to ignore comments is really handy in this particular project that has a lot of commented out code. There are some other great options there I suspect will be useful.

As a way to redeem myself, I showed him that the Find: is also a link, which he did not know. It allows you to view and select from a history of previous searches. In fact, if there is a search you perform often you can even pin it in this interface.

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