Uncle Pete Presenting at WxDevCon 2012


I am very excited to be presenting at the WxDevCon in Nashville, TN – Novemeber 7-11,2012. This is a very unique format that include over the should developer session between now and the event, and the source code for an entire suite of applications that we will be building for the non profit sector over next six months. Read on for more information or if you are in a hurry and want to make sure you get a seat for this great event head on over to their website now.

This year WinDev-US is joining forces with seasoned developers from the WX community to present a unique training format! The training begins with virtual “look over the shoulder” online highlight sessions during the next six months which cumulate in Nashville in a live training event – In addition to the live training event, you would also have the opportunity to register and attend the training virtually!

By signing up early, you wiill have access to watch these early broadcasts of work sessions as the presenters work through the development of this project using WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile. Watch snapshots of activities as the developers build the full-blown project from scratch. Regular progress reviews will be broadcasted on Sunday afternoons for registered attendees.

At the conclusion of the Nashville training, attendees will have access to all the streaming recording and source code for their own development efforts. Sign up early to have access to these virtual sessions from the beginning and get the most bang for your training buck.

Vision Statement
Our intention is to create a full real life solution using WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile applications. In doing so, we will set standards and create generic components that are reusable by this project and other developers. Our target example application is one that will assist a non-profit entity manage their organizational informational processes.

We will provide the ability to “watch and learn” as we develop the system using all the features of WX17. This will provide a fantastic opportunity for developers to “catch up” if they are using an older version, or converting from another language and an EXCELLENT method to “fast track” their learning experience.

Mission and Guidelines
We will be using a hypothetical non-profit as our model, but the goal is to create an application that is suitable for all nonprofits.

The application will provide the following functions (Tentative):

  •  General Organization Management
  •  Contact Management System
  •  Membership
  •  Mailing/Email List
  •  Templates
  •  Schedule Maintenance
  •  Both Internal Schedule and Items that will show on Event Calendar
  •  Document Management
  •  Website
  •  Event Calendar
  • Donation Acceptance
  •  Mobile Applications
  •  Silent Auction App
  •  QR codes for each item
  •  Scan QR and place your bid

We held a Kick-Off online meeting on Sunday 5/6/2012. If you missed the live meeting, you can access the recording at www.wxlive.us.

Soft Design Consulting is offering a special rate on their excellent training for conference attendees.

Early Bird Registration Ends 8/31/2012 so hurry over and sign up.

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