V22 Prerelease now available!!!

v22 prerelease upgrades are now available for download.

We have made them available via the below Dropbox links.

WinDev 22 Prerelease

WebDev 22 Prerelease

WinDev Mobile 22 Prerelease

Note: You must have a v22 license in order to install these updates!

If you haven’t order your v22 upgrades yet, remember the special upgrade pricing is only available until May 31st.

Below are links for ordering:

Upgrade WINDEV/WEBDEV/WINDEV MOBILE 21 to version 22 $1,062
(Will be $1,486 after 05/31/17)

Upgrade WinDev 21 to 22 $530
(Will be $733 after 05/31/17)

Upgrade WebDev 21 to 22 $530
(Will be $733 after 05/31/17)

Upgrade WinDev Mobile 21 to 22 $530
(Will be $733 after 05/31/17)

Remember wxDevCon’17 in Dallas is coming up soon, so be sure to go over to wxDevcon.com and get register now!!

2 thoughts on “V22 Prerelease now available!!!

  1. Pete,

    I recently purchased the WinDev/WebDev/WinDev Mobile package (release 21) and was told it included upgrade to 22 and all future upgrades for a year.

    Your email indicates I need a different license to run/test v22…how/where do I get that new license?

    John Poronsky


    1. Depending on how you purchased you dongles may already be v22. Check the about screen in the IDE. If not you can request the update license codes from pcSoft. If you have trouble send an email to admin@wxperts with your info and we can help you out.


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