One feature of the v22 Upgrade just paid for the upgrade!

It didn’t take long for one of the new features of v22 to save us enough development time to pay for the cost of the upgrade.

We ran into a need this weekend to create a “lite” version of a website for some users. The website normally looks like this:


All three of those “boxes” on the left hand side needed to be completely different for the “lite” version. The changes are more that what could be handled with a few simple hide and unhides, so I started down the path of creating a new page template and duplicating the two or 3 pages that we needed using a different template. Then I remember we now have planes in WebDev 22.

The left side of that page is already a zone, so all I did was enable the management of planes for that zone.


Then I was able to created a complete different set of boxes on the left hand side for a second plane. In my page logic a bit of simple code to determine which plane to show:

IF Glo.CustomerRec.DoCollections = "Y" THEN 
    zoneBodyLeft..Plane = 1 
    zoneBodyLeft..Plane = 2 

And now we have a “lite” version of the site.


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