wxSocial Login Demo updated to v25 and now includes Intuit

wxSocial Login Demo updated to v25 and now includes Intuit

Our wxSocial Login Demo site has been updated to v25 as well as now having Intuit as one of the supported networks.

The project is meant to provide a basic framework for user management and the demo site provides the basic interface for that framework.

2020-05-05 16_56_36-wxPerts Social Signon Demo

As you can see the main page, provides the user with buttons to directly create an account, log on to an existing direct account, or use Google/FaceBook/Intuit to login. If the user uses one of the social options and we don’t find an existing account that matches the Token return from the network or their email, an account is created for them.

2020-05-05 17_00_13-My Account

You can see on the My Account page the user has the ability to set a password for direct logon, which isn’t required and is becoming a best practice to only support social logins. There are options for linking or unlinking additional social accounts as well as setting up Automatic Login, which stores a cookie so if the user is already logged into one of the social networks, they will automatically log in to the site when they hit the login page.

One login you go to the home page, which is the BEST PAGE EVER 🙂 it doesn’t really do anything as the whole point of the demo is just to provide the login/my account framework.

Login Methods Supported include:

  • Direct Login
    • Includes best practices for maintaining user accounts in your database
      • Seeded hashes
      • Allows User to create an account with only Social Login, which is becoming a best practice to avoid any liability with storing user credentials
      • Storing of Access tokens for the supported Social Networks
      • Cookie management for Autologin, and remember me
      • Matching User Account with any supported logged in social network
  • Google
    • Uses direct OAuth calls, instead of the built-in functions
    • Option to use built-in functions coming soon
  • Facebook
    • Option to use direct OAuth calls, as well as built-in functions
  • Intuit
    • Intuit properties including QuickBooks Online, Turbo Tax, Mint

There is also a WinDev configuration and the class supports Social Login for windows applications.

The project uses a number of our helper classes for abstracting the management of OAuth and OpenID communications, HTTP communications, JSON Web Tokens, Cookie Management.

wxPerts offers this class, as well as a number of other 3rd party API classes, to our consulting and mentoring clients. If you are interested in integrating this class or any of our other 3rd party API classes contact sales@wxperts.com.

I will be doing a couple of webinars digging into some internals of this project in the next few weeks. But a couple hours of mentoring is the best way get going. Most of the mentoring time is discussing the general approach to integrating it with your existing user account system and configuring the various developer/application settings for the social networks you want to work with, which can be quite confusing, to say the least! There is also some time involved in getting your webserver configured correctly to support the OAuth callbacks. Most of the social networks require the OAuth call back to be to an HTTPS URL, so you will also need an SSL certificate.



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