Exciting News! Glenn Rathke will be presenting at wxDevCon!

Exciting News! Glenn Rathke will be presenting at wxDevCon!

Glenn will be presenting the Framework for both WinDev and WebDev. The framework is a great ‘jumping off place’ for the developer starting new applications. In both platforms, a dynamic ribbon bar like approach is used for the entry points into the app, as well as a highly customizable dashboard and internal messaging system. Many of these features can be turned on or off at the company or user level. The ribbon bar items can either be grayed out or made invisible based on the user role.

To begin a new window, the developer starts with one of many included generic windows, initializes a few variables, which then makes the CRUD fully configured. New business rules have been implemented as groupware down to the field or control level where a user can belong to multiple roles. These new rules also include highlighting of table rows based on a condition with customizable role coloring.

Not only is the Framework meant as a starting point for an application but as a learning tool which you can take to new heights.

Glenn Rathke is the owner of WXTraining where he provides online or streaming training in WinDev and WebDev for the purpose of developing business applications.

He was a founding member of Blackwell Consulting, WX Training, and Soft Design Consulting, where he developed hundreds of applications in .Net, Clarion, and WinDev for large corporate and individual clients for over 20 years, spanning multiple business models.

Previously, Glenn taught programming at Roosevelt University in Chicago for twelve years and was selected by his students twice as Professor of the Year.

Glenn has been developing tools to make life easier for the developer. Many of these tools were implemented in the real world training examples, including Business Rules, QBE, and visual CRUD.

wxDevCon is being held in beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri May 4-5, 2023. If you have registered yet the deadline is fast approaching, find all the information @ https://blog.wxperts.com/2022/05/31/wxdevcon-2023-may-4-5-2023-lake-of-the-ozarks-missouri/

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